Energy-Efficient Lighting Explained

“Energy-Efficient Lighting Explained: A guide for business people who aren’t lighting techies” – $189.00
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Energy Efficient LightingLearn why lighting is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency investments. Get the details about the industry’s technological and political revolution. The Daily Energy Report and Real Energy Writers’ “Energy Efficient Lighting Explained: A guide for business people who aren’t lighting techies:”

Educates you about your lighting technology options

Informs you about the political landscape and controversies surrounding lighting

Describes how you can take advantage of current lighting market conditions to cut costs and reduce your footprint.

“Energy Efficient Lighting Explained gave me a better understanding of the current market conditions for the lighting industry and why efficient lighting is so important to cutting costs and saving energy.”
–Walt Taylor, Director at Burton Energy Group

“EE Lighting Explained provides an easy-to-read, extremely helpful explanation of efficient lighting options, and a very clear explanation of why now is the time to invest in them. This guide will be helpful to both businesses interested in EE lighting and those trying to explain EE lighting to their clients.”
–Kristin Rock, Energy Manager, PETCO

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Report Key Benefits: 

You’ll learn about the benefits, costs and savings of investing in high-efficiency lighting, and gain insightful answers to key questions, such as:

  • Which lighting and lighting control technologies are the most reliable, cost-effective and suited to my business?
  • What is the current political landscape surrounding lighting and why are lighting standards so controversial?
  • What government incentives are available for lighting retrofit projects?
  • What lighting retrofit strategies could my business easily implement?

In addition to the report, you’ll receive audio interviews with six leaders in the field about energy efficient-lighting and how to best take advantage of the different options:

  • Chad Bulman – Program Manager, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Brian Owen – Program Advisor , Green Tea Biz and Editor, LED’s Magazine
  • Allison Schieffelin – Chairman & CEO, The Lighting Quotient
  • Mark Ferrell & Mike Carter – Sr. Engineers, Questline
  • Milena Simeonova – Lighting Design and Proposal Development Department, Johnson Controls Lighting Services

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