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How to Work with Us

We’re easy to work with. Our clients tell us that all the time. Real Energy Writers strives to give you a highly polished product that requires minimal time and effort on your part.

Send us an email describing your project. We’ll set up a time for a phone call, if you’d like. Or we’re happy to work via email too. Just let us know what you prefer.

Our writers have deep expertise in energy markets, policies and technologies. So we can help you frame your content. We’ll ask you questions about your intended audience, the purpose of the piece, how it will be used and what you hope to achieve.

Once we understand your needs and deadlines, we’ll calculate your project cost. Next we’ll set a schedule, which will include any necessary interviews with subject matter experts, timing for approval of drafts, and a deadline for project completion.

No two projects are alike, but we typically finish a 1,200 to 2,500-word piece within two to four weeks, sooner for rush jobs and longer for larger projects.

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