Freelance Writing by Real Energy Writers

Freelance Writing by Real Energy Writers

freelance writing
Hire us for freelance writing for your publication, blog, company, website, report or press release.

We work on a freelance basis and accept one-time assignments, repeat assignments and long-term projects. We charge by the hour, by the project, or by the word, whatever you prefer.

How we work: Please contact us for white papers, reports, web content and similar projects. We will help research and guide your piece. We provide an outline and a draft for your review before producing the final copy.

Deadlines: We can typically turn over projects within 30 days. We won’t say “yes” unless we can get it to you on time.

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  1. The entire energy market is badly skewed because of the man made global warming fiction that is perpetrated by a small group of “scientists” at the IPCC grant trough. Does this web site have the space or inclination for a considerable amount of contra information?

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