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Check out energy efficiency companies who are helping reduce energy demand, save money, and help mitigate climate change by better managing the energy that is already being produced.

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LEDtronics, Inc.

LEDtronics, Inc. is a leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly, low-power usage, long-life LED bulbs and LED lamps to replace incandescent bulbs. The company is certified as a Minority-Owned Small Business and has grown into one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative LED lights, lamps, clusters and arrays. LEDtronics now employs over 300 people with sales representatives worldwide and prides itself on delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality to exceed customer expectations. For more information, call us at (800) 579-4875 or visit


The Energy Group

The Energy Group offers a fuel device that reduces any type of fuel usage 10% – 25% (US DEPT HUD), emissions to 96% (Duke Energy), NO maintenance ever, 50 yr life, 1 yr savings guarantee & 10 yr product warranty.  This product would be ideal for your commercial & industrial client base.



We are official industry energy auditors in Portugal, and M&VP certified. EWEN not only audits but also implements energy efficiency measure in turn-key basis with guaranteed results. EWEN also manufactures flexible thermal insulation for hot valves, piping, and other process equipment. is your energy efficient lighting products and services resource.  We specialize in working with electricians, facility managers and commercial building owners to provide high quality, energy efficient lighting solutions.  Our lighting products are competitively priced and we provide: expertise in efficient retrofitting; EPAct 2005 lighting tax deductions; local and federal rebate incentives; and complete financial and environmental energy savings analysis with all product orders. is a marketplace which allows consumers to pick and choose between the top green energy suppliers in their area. Sort by price, plan, and ecological impact in order to find the right package for your home or business.



greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through conserving the use of natural resources. We provide energy and water saving upgrades that help residents and businesses save money on their electricity bills and reduce the carbon footprint.


Urecoat Inc.

Urecoat Inc. specializes in commercial roofing applications and commercial/residential spray foam insulation (polyurethane foam insulation).



We provide Energy Star and LEED consulting services and energy saving products for lighting energy saving projects here in Georgia.  We specialize in small to mid- size commercial businesses and K-12 public schools.

For more information go to


CQM Systems, LLC

Our company, CQM Systems, is a provider of technology geared at energy efficiency, water conservation, chemical elimination, and maintenance reduction. We offer chemical-free water treatment and perpetual condenser tube cleaning systems. These systems work separately or together to dramatically improve HVAC and industrial water process efficiency.

For more information, please visit our website at


ROMlight International Inc.

ROMlight International (Canada) Inc. is a Lighting Solutions Provider, located in Toronto, Canada but offering our services in Canada and the U.S. We are brand and technology agnostic, seeking to match the selected lighting energy saving options to the clients capabilities and needs. We enjoy excellent relationships with a variety of new lighting technology and control companies and so can tailor energy saving lighting solutions and supply them at a competitive price.

Greener Earth Financial Solutions

Greener Earth Financial Solutions is a solution for all debt funding needs. Their investors have provided institutional debt to small and medium sized companies for over 20 years totalling over $4 billion. They cater to the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry and all technologies. They provide from $5 million and up, to companies who are doing business with Fortune 500 sized corporations, or universities, school districts, utility companies, or government buildings etc. They fund in 30 days of contracts being in place with your clients. They take no equity, liens or oversight of the business. They are skilled at offering a business model which will allow for funding of your projects, and providing you a model which will allow for growth for many years to come.



EnSave is the leading agricultural energy efficiency consulting firm in the United States. We help our clients achieve their energy efficiency goals while also helping farmers save energy and reduce their environmental impact. The inspiration for our work is the hard working men and women on the farm, and we strive to provide solutions that strengthen the farm and provide long-term viability.


Indow Windows

Indow Windows creates window inserts that are an affordable and green solution to increasing energy efficiency in homes. They are particularly useful for retrofitting older homes (for historical preservation), decreasing drafts, reducing noise, and much more! Visit the Indow Windows website at for more information.


Sustainable Energy Solutions, Inc. 

Sustainable Energy Solutions is a one-stop source for energy and carbon reductions in buildings focusing on energy usage tracking, monitoring efficiency, energy management, co-generation, tri-generation, capacitor testing and implementation, re-lamping, commodity procurement with futures, Data Center cooling modeling,  energy tracking software for hospitals and data centers, re-lamping and strategic planning.


GreenEcoSavers, LLC

GreenEcoSavers is a one-stop source for green, eco-friendly, smart, energy & water conservation products and energy solutions. Buy Solar Panels, Inverters, Solar PV Kits, Energy Efficient, Energy Star Compact Fluorescent and LED Lighting. We offer quality green products at competitive prices with energy savings calculators, valuable information resources and provide a full range of energy consulting services. Our mission is to promote energy efficiency and help to reduce the effects of global warming.


ANB Systems

Founded in 1997, ANB has evolved over the past decade from a company providing consulting and modeling services to its clients in the retail electric and gas utility industry into a software development firm that creates custom applications for the same industry group. ANB caters primarily to two segments of this industry, providing services that range from pointed solutions to an entire suite of applications. ANB primarily concentrates on energy efficiency and load management program tracking and reporting.



INSULA France performs energy audits on existing building and industrial plants, as well as training on same matter. We are chartered by our national energy agency ADEME and operate form global simple audits with little physical measures, up to technically focussed audits on compressed air installations, or steam, or hot water, or even industrial refrigeration. INSULA is also involved in research and development on applications of thermal storage with phase change materials.


LED Energy Systems

LED Energy Systems is deeply routed in the philosophy that the fastest way to make a substantial reduction in  C02 emissions is through energy conservation. Lighting consumes 22% of all energy produced. There is a great opportunity for LED lighting retrofits in commercial buildings to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and save businesses 20-30% off of their power bill. It’s a win-win scenario for operating budgets and the environment.


Performance Systems Development

Buildings matter. They use over 40% of the energy consumed in the US, and we spend 90% or more of our time in them. Helping to achieve peak performance across America’s building stock is our mission and it requires a special language and skillset to accomplish on a grand scale. We know. We’ve been practicing a holistic approach to this challenge for 14 years. Our software, program implementation, and training academy serve thousands of clients from coast to coast – speaking building and making a difference. Speak building with us today!


Earth Advantage Institute

Promoting the wise use of energy and natural resources in a carbon constrained world, Earth Advantage Institute (EAI) is the nation’s leading organization for sustainable building and climate solutions. EAI, an Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, certifies new and remodeled homes as a third-party verifier for the ENERGY STAR® and LEED for Homes® programs, as well as for its own residential, community, and commercial programs. In addition, EAI provides green design and consulting services, conducts education and training seminars, and is a key contributor to the development of green building standards.


Headquartered in Philadelphia, RealWinWin provides Rebate Administration™, an outsourced rebate and incentive identification, estimation and capture service covering all 50 U.S. States and Canada. In August 2011, RWW reached its 90,000th project in its tracking system. Over the last two years alone, RWW has screened more than 61,000 projects and captured just over 18,000 unique rebate checks. These checks were captured on behalf of more than 60 different organizations and were received for projects located in 48 States and 4 Provinces.


DS Energy Solutions

DS Energy Solutions is a leading PV solar company specializing in designing and sourcing high-performance systems to residential, commercial, and government clients. DS Energy Solutions leads the industry in delivering highest quality systems at the lowest user cost while providing the best customer service in the industry. The discount pricing we receive through high volume purchasing is passed direct to you to help you save money and achieve the fastest rate of return on your investment. We are the only company in Southern California to analyze and reduce your energy waste before installing solar energy at no additional cost through our Building Performance.


Superior Home Insulation & Supply, Inc.

SHI has THE experts for your insulation questions and needs, whether it is your attic, siding, doors or windows. Trust thousands of satisfied clients in the Ark-La-Tex area and schedule your free consultation.

  • Certified: Home Energy Team Institute-Energy Smart Contractor©
  • EFL-Environments For Living©
  • Member: ICAA©-Insulation Contractors Association Of America
  • NAHB©-National Association of Home Builders

1619 Spruce Street
Texarkana, Texas 75501


Millennium Energy Consultants, LLC

Millennium Energy Consultants, LLC is a full service integrator and consulting firm specializing in the fields of energy management and telecommunications. We provide a wide range of services relating to energy efficiency and telecommunications to facilities such as airports, apartments, commercial properties, energy services companies (ESCO’s), federal government owned and leased facilities, schools, and other facilities.


Via Expo

Via Expo is an organizer of high-level specialized international exhibitions and conferences for South-East Europe in key industry fields: energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, recycling, ecology, bio & eco products, etc.


The Energy Group

The Energy Group will reduce your fuel consumptions to 25% (US DEPT HUD), emissions to 96% (Duke Energy), cooling loads to 41% (Krispy Kreme Donuts) and with NO maintenance ever… Review website for details:


Astara LLC

Representing Core energy Group and others, Astara, LLC is an independent, non-bias energy advisor.  We can qualify commercial clients for Federal EPAct tax deductions and can access all local, regional and utility-specific rebate, incentive and grant programs to reduce the net cost of your EE project.


Powerhouse Management Services

“Be more efficient to save money and the environment.” That is our promise. Our auditing and tracking capabilities enable our clients to get a clear picture and a thorough analysis of their energy consumption and associated costs. We can then assist with the implementation of appropriate efficiency and cost reduction measures.

  • Plan better
  • Save money
  • Be efficient
  • Be green


Octus Energy

Octus generates utility savings through the retrofit of commercial buildings’ lighting, cooling and water systems. We combine proven energy- and water-saving technology solutions with utility rebates, local and regional incentives, tax credits and financing programs to deliver efficiency solutions with minimal to no out-of-pocket investment for our clients. The results of our work:

  • Utility costs are immediately and perpetually reduced by up to 50%.
  • Maintenance requirements are minimized, even eliminated, for up to 10 years.
  • Property values are increased – typically by more than 10 times annual cost savings.

To learn more, visit or call us at 530.564.0397.


Green ID

Green ID helps homeowners navigate through energy saving improvements with customized energy audits and retrofits. We give you a clear roadmap to choose which upgrades to do first based on ROI. Visit to schedule a free energy assessment today.

1002 E Brentrup Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283



Vulvox’s innovation will enable energy storage of intermittent photovoltaic and wind power. Highly efficient systems are desired by the renewable power industry and government smart grid programs. If fully implemented by 2030 the Department Of Energy says it will save 4%-7% of all energy produced. It will provide bulk energy storage for utilities – shifting large amounts of energy from excess production times to peak usage times and that will enable storage of cheap electrcity generated
during off peak hours to be sold during peak demand periods.

Contact Neil Farbstein, President of Vulvox for further details:


Supermarket Energy Technologies

Supermarket Energy Technologies manufactures, distributes and installs an impressive suite of energy efficiency products specifically for food retailers including supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants and cold storage facilities. Since 1996 we have been helping our customers save millions of dollars every year with our lighting and refrigeration solutions. We have licensed and certified service teams, project managers and measurement and validation experts.

Visit their website for regional contact information:


Palace Geothermal

Palace Geothermal is a full service geothermal company. We can design, drill, install and service geothermal heat pump systems for homes and businesses.In heating mode 75% of the heat going into the building comes from solar energy stored in the ground. By using the heat from the ground, geothermal heat pumps are able to achieve efficiencies of 400 to 500%. Any other heating product has efficiency of 70 to 100%. In cooling mode, the heat from the building is sent into the ground, which is cooler than the outside air allowing far greater efficiencies than conventional cooling systems. We are licensed contractors and drillers as well as being certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Visit their website:

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